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PSX 100:

General Statement

                                                           General Statement regarding Online Trading Through KITS
  • The Clients having the authority by the company to trade through their own devices through internet trading are hereby informed that the orders are accepted, processed through the internet by the PSX trade engine directly. After the trade is executed, it is cleared by National clearing Company of Pakistan (NCCPL) on account of the company, and shares are received and delivered through the CDC Sub-account of the Client.
  • In case of hardware failure or Internet connection failure, the client has the option to call the Company to have the order executed, or cancel any order that is pending.
  • Clients having any issues regarding the internet trading which is in the domain of the member broker, (the company) then the client can directly approach the help desk to get the issue resolved. And any issue that is not in the ambit of the broker member, or if the client is not satisfied with the issue resolution by the broker, then the client has the option to approach the PSX I T department.
  • All risks connected and involved with Electronic/Online Trading will be assumed fully by the Account Holder. Neither the Broker, nor any of its directors or officers would he responsible or liable in any manner for any losses or damages that may be suffered by the Account Holder, including but not limited to those due to the misuse of the Account Holders Password or PIN. Hacking of lines, outages and slowdowns in the Internet connection, and piracy of the Account Holder information and affairs by unscrupulous persons