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How to open an account in CDC?

CDC is the Participant driven system where sub-account are opened by the participants. All new sub-ccount shall only be opened in CDC based on the complete and correct information obtained from the investor as per the standardized Account Oppening Form (SAOF). The SAOF is part of CDC Regulations and is also placed on CDC's website Terms & Conditions contained in the SAOF shall govern the opening and maintenance of the Sub-Accounts.
The Participant before opening a Sub-account into CDS should obtain duly filed and signed SAOF from their Clients along with all necessary documents. Similarly necesary information document shold be obtained prior to updating a sub-account. Participants (TREC Holders) to obtain signatures of cocerned Sub-Account Holders / Authorized Signatories as acknowledgement on me posted Registration Detail Report generated from CDS after establishing Sub-Account in their names.
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